Return of Sky equipment.

I had some questions about returning my Sky equipment. I spoke to Fardeen on 26/8/23 and he advised me to attach a note inside the box and ,maybe, send an email which I have also done. He asked me why I had left Sky and I told him that the Virgin package was practically half the price. However, I did say that once my contract with Virgin was up, if there were any more appealing packages with Sky  I would, almost definitely, be returning! He also mentioned going onto Uswitch to see what I could come up with. He was very helpful and friendly. I mentioned that one of the features missing with Virgin was that I could only  watch Friends a small part of the day but with Sky it was available much more often. I then discovered that Fardeen was also a fan of the program so we had a little discussion about that! I liked the fact that the conversation wasn't 'staged' and was much more personal. If only other customer service advisors were as nice. I would really appreciate it if Fardeen was able to see my letter. Many thanks.

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Hi @Nth58 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager. 





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