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I wanted to send my thanks to a Sky adviser who helped me today.  If possible I would like a more direct way of contacting his Team Manager.  The adviser's name is Phill and he is from customer retentions (employee number <REMOVED>)

I explained to Phill my situation had changed as I have become extremely ill and he helped me sort through my package to bring my monthly subscription down while I am recovering.  I work freelance and havent any access to sick pay.  Phill listened carefully to what i really part of my package i liked  and what  i could live without.  He was charming and funny, extremely helpful, and above all sympathetic to my situation.  Please pass my gratitude to him and escalate to his line manager, because if every adviser was like him Sky would drastically reduce their negative image.  Because he showed they would support me during this difficult time, i in turn will remain loyal to Sky.  Maybe he could train others.  Either way, hold on to this guy!



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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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