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So I've got 2 peeps within Sky that I'd like to thank. First is Michael from Edenbridge, who came and fixed an issue with my signal. Long story short a tree has had a spurt on in the last few years and was blocking the signal. The tree is on council/housing association land. Blah blah blah. Anyway Michael has fitted a new dish on the other side of the house, and now we have a perfect picture. 

Michel is the epitome of what a well rehearsed engineer is all about. Something that a lot of firms and their workers forget.

Second employee is Paul on the phones. I called last night to talk about Sky Q and confirm the cost that I'd seen in a letter. Paul was clear in his explanation of the costs, and what I would receive when upgrading to Sky Q. Although I was pretty much going to upgrade, Paul made me feel at ease to spend a bit more cash.

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