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Finding out how to send thanks to Sky staff has been incredibly difficult! This needs to be easier otherwise people will not bother! And your staff deserve the appreciation.


Last month I decided to review my TV Braodband package with Sky, and Talk Talk gave me what seemed a great package deal, until we got into the setting up and I realised they were incompetant and unprofessional.  I rang Sky and spoke to a staff member called Brian (server Ref no: BMA42) who not only helped me to get rid of Talk Talk and therefore the stress they were causing me, but also found me a solution to my TV needs -  a more suitable generous package with Sky (I didn't have a problem with Sky, in fact I enjoy being with Sky).  From feeling stressed, angry, and cheated by my few dealings with Talk Talk, dealing with Brian was the complete opposite.  He went out of his way to assist me, help me to understand, he listened, made me laugh, and I felt like he genuinely cared about me as a customer. What's more because of Brian I am pretty sure I will stay with Sky for many more years as I feel Sky not only offer the best service for TV and Broadband but are the easiest to talk to when there is a problem, they want to help sort it out, and they do sort it out. Please recognise Brian as a valued member of the Sky team, he has my confidence, and I have told many people about my ordeal - so I am sure you will get new customers all thanks to someone who did a very very good job.  Thank you Brian, wishing you a happy new year!

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