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What an absolutely fantastic service I've had from you guys.. there's been too many peoples names I've dealt with to remember them all but if you check my account I'm sure they will be there to see.... finally back on fibre today and only a 3 minute downtime... sat enjoying my newly installed sky tv as I write this and couldn't be happier with the service... it's been a bit of a bumpy ride and a few hitches but from the sales to the engineers (except that one guy that plugged us into the wrong socket) to the gentleman that helped rebook someone to fix the issue in a fast 2 days and put us back on our original deal as promised... you have all been fantastic absolutely amazing... we were treat like dirt by bt absolutely horrific experience... I'm not sure there are words for just how far apart their customer service is compared to sky but it's definitely worlds apart at the least you guys have been honest with me.. kept constant communication and done everything you promised... one happy sky customer... thank you so much I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas... you guys have made ours this year!!!!
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