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I had every intention of leaving Sky today.<br>My bill had increased 2 months ago and my current deal had expired doubling my payments and I had not received prior warning.<br>I had contacted Sky a couple of months ago and asked about my Broadband speed and was told that I would have to pay more and also pay an installation fee.<br>I wasn't pleased and started shopping around. Had it not been for the hassle I would have taken up an offer with Virgin Media in June.<br>Today I called regarding my bill, following speaking to a lady who explained my deal had expired in June I asked to cancel everything with Sky. To obtain faster cheaper Broadband and phone line elsewhere. A shame after being a customer for many many years. With very large bills exceeding £130 +<br>I was transferred to Aaron in Dunfermline.<br>Wow.<br>My background is a Customer Setvice Manager in Retail Banking.<br>AARON is an asset. He empathises and does not come across as 'salesy' despite me being acutely aware of sales patter Aaron was persuasive yet gentle with his approach and above all friendly.<br>A total credit. He quickly &amp; efficiently solved the problem. I've got faster Broadband, a new router instalation and a new 12 month contract, more than I was paying 2 months ago, but I bought Aaron not just Sky.<br>He has left a fabulous lasting impression of how Customer Service should be.<br>Informative<br>Friendly<br>Lasting<br>Honest<br>And above all suit the customers needs.<br>I was ready to sign up to the best broadband package Sky offers, at twice the cost I have. Aaron was professional and ran tests and said I wouldn't get near the top speed in my home, so he would recommend the cheaper package which would suit my needs, provide the service my family requires, at a cost I am more than pleased with.<br>Thank you!<br>Please pass my thanks on to Aaron and if possible send him a transcript of this feedback so that he can use it in his A&amp;D.<br>Hopefully recognition will be given to a super employee that I would love to have on my team...if only he lived near South Yorkshire I think I'd poach him! Well done Sky.<br>This is only the second time I have seen fit to leave praise in all my life. It's not something I usually do!<br>You're a credit to the company Aaron well done and Thank you.
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