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Hey there,


Just thought I'd write here to praise the customer service experience I had when calling to possibly cancel my sky broadband on Sunday 27th March. Usually Sky sends a message/email asking me to rate my experience but as of yet I haven't receieved one. 


My customer service representative was called Chloe ( I think from the Derby/Burton call centre) and upon listening to my (over long description) about my situation and concerns regarding my sky broadband subscription eventually managed to prevent me from leaving Sky.


Suffice to say that not only did she manage to convince me not to leave sky with some incredible savings, but she actually endeared me to the company a whole lot more. We spoke freely and in a friendly manner about a number of different topics related and unrelated to my issue whilst the system took time to update, she had such an affable manner that it made the situation actually quite enjoyable . I have to praise the Sky call centre for allowing their staff to converse with their customers this way, it was both incredibly human and very progressive. Even though I discovered she had been on 7, 9 hour shifts in a row ( 63 hour week) and across a bank holiday as well! she still managed to have a really pleasant and engaging manner, and seemed genuinely concerned with my issues.

 Unlike nearly every other call centre ( and possibly customer service ) experience I've had in my life (except maybe Apple), I never felt rushed or patronised or in any way like I was just one of a queue of people trying to be sold or convinced of something, I just felt catered for. I really can't praise her enough. 


I have grown up with Sky in one way or another, my dad is still a customer after first signing up for the full subscription in the mid 90's and often talks about getting rid of it and moving to Virgin. But I think I'll suggest he has a chat with your CS team instead of cancelling .


For me, I have to say this experience highlighted why call centres should probably be kept inside the UK. As polite and knowledgable as the people are in call centres in other parts of the world, the often scripted nature of them detatches you from the conversation and the humanity of the person on the the other end and ergo the company/brand creating the impression that as a customer, you're not valued beyond that of your financial input. 


I'd really appreciate that you'd pass this on to the people in charge of the call centre that dealt with my issue. I really think employees like this should be highly valued and shown that even though sometimes it may seem like they're repeating the same mundane task over and over to no end, there are people out there that appreciate them and that no matter how small the token, it matters to someone.


If I could rate my customer service experience out of 10 then I'd have to say that this one ( Chloe ) goes up to 11

.... It almost makes me look forward to having my next broadband issue ! ... Almost... and was certainly enough for me to forgive her for liking Hollyoaks. ha


Keep up the Good Work




P.S Chloe for Prime Minister 2020!


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