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I wanted to pass on my compliments to Sky for their really friendly , bubbly, helpful employees.


i rang today to sort out a phone plan, first time doing this so didn't know where to start. I got put through to Sky Mobile Jake part of the Newcastle team. He was very polite and welcoming and even though I sounded like a headless chicken didn't know where to start as this phone was for my daughters 1st phone. Jakes was so professional and talked me through all my options, he even went out his way to speak to his manager about sorting out something for me as I had been wrongly promised by chat off a discount. Jake talked me through the whole process and even though i had him on the line for 51minutes  he never got frustrated with having to repeat the figures and he was a genuine good guy. He should be commended for being an outstanding member of the Newcastle sky mobile team. He was outstanding in his customer service and even managed to help me make an honest decision. I've had bad experiences with call centre before over selling products but jake was a ageuine good guy. I want to contact sky to compliment him and his team . This isn't what sky isn't about helpful, friendly service. 

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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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