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Hi there!!

I'd really like to say thank you to Joey based in Leeds. 

I called sky as a new joining customer, fully intending on purchasing a package I'd chosen online and just wanted to run it through with someone over the phone before I completed the order.

Joey was amazing! He took the time to go through absolutley everything with me in detail and recognised that the package I'd chosen wasn't really the one that fitted mine (and my partners) viewing as much as it potentially could.

Joey explained the package that he was going to offer me and gave me as much detail as possible, even when I ummed and ahhed he was patient with me and reassured me that the package he had in mind suited us better and did not mean paying the earth for it.

Our phone call lasted easily 45 minutes - an hour, Joey had said at the begining of the call that it was his last call of the day so I'm pretty sure I kept him after his finishing time but he made sure I knew there was no rush and there was no hint of rushing me off the phone like can be experienced elsewhere. (I'm a manager of a telephony team myself, I know sometimes customer service can inadvertently drop when it's close to home time!!!)

He went to a great effort and gave me a deal that left me totally and utterly speecless (and that's difficult to do at the best of times)!

He was professional and detailed in everything he told me and also was able to make me laugh all the way through the conversation too!

He has literally made me the happiest person on the planet right now and deserves a massive thank you and some kind of reward or recognition for all his time, effort, and genuinely what I can say is the best experience I've ever had with any kind of company providing a service.

Please please please pass on my eternal thanks to Joey (and maybe give him a bonus? 🙂 )

I'm really excited about being a sky customer and it's all thanks to Joey!! 

Thank you Joey! Thank you so much! 

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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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