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My husband and I were returning Sky customers due to moving house. We had rejoined Sky and were about to move house when it fell through and we had to cancel the home move. We then bought another property and tried to change the home move to the new house. This caused major problems on my husbands Sky account that it was full of errors and we ended up having to cancel his account down and join as a new Sky customer in my name. However, I would really like to post here (and hope that she gets the feedback) to give a massive thanks to Francesca who I believe works in the Home Move team. She tried everything that she possibly could to get around all the errors and she examplifies excellent customer service. She is a credit to your company as she continued to help and be professional even when she had difficult circumstances to deal with. She phoned me back when she said she would and went from department to department trying to resolve the issue until the system finally beat her. Thanks again Francesca - you 're a star!

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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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