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I signed up for this account to say how great of an experience with your customer service I had regarding my faulty broadband. A member of your call centre called Kane (time 7:30-8ish today) who deals with broadband faults was probably the best person I have ever dealt with over the phone from any company. I work in a call centre myself (not sky) and the atmosphere among workers is nothing short of suicidal. Kane was the total opposite, genuinely helpful, positive and patient as I kept him on the line for long periods whilst running around my house checking connections. I will be seriously annoyed if no one gives him credit for this, these jobs aren't easy when you're dealing with aggressive morons on a daily basis and maintaining the temperament he had deserves recognition! Will recommend friends due to this, compared to certain phone companies who I will not name, he was far superior in every way.
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Status changed to: Mission Accomplished

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