Re: How To Send Thanks To Sky

I would like to thank Shaun from Sky for his AMAZING customer service.


A BT engineer came to our flat but not only did he not solve the problem but he also said the problem was way more complicated than it was, which then resulted in the next appointment being December 20th (which was over 3 months away from the date we were calling from). Shaun read all the notes and understood our problem and fought on our behald to get a date before the 20th December. He would give me updates regularly and I can definitely say that if it was not for him we would not have internet now, 1 week after we called. All other people we spoke to from sky would only read the screen and say "sorry it says December 20th" but Shaun went the extra mile to give us the best support we could get. 


I have his ID number and would like to share it (in private) so this "thank you note" could reach him (and hopefully his manager too as sky needs more people like him!) 🙂


Many thanks!


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