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I have been dealing with sky over the last week and a half trying to sort out my Internet.

I have spoken to 3 different people  the first chap was very nice he was totally  confident in the equipment however it did not fix my problems.  

The second man was very hard to understand and also promised to ring me back which he did not!!!! very unhelpful

The third man Michael Aldridge. He was extremely helpful apologetic for my troubles and also honest!!

his support was invaluable. It was very clear he was unable to do anything further however explained all this to me and promised to ring back which he did and then he followed this up again the day after. His continuity meant that I did not have to repeat my concerns again. I feel that his customer service was second to none he was very polite, honest and followed through with his actions.

I feel that Michael was so helpful and hopefully sorted my concerns out that he needs acknowledgment!!!!!!!!

I feel so strongly  I have taken time out of my very busy day to say Thank You.


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