Christine from Dunfermline just made things so simple and really listened to me

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Christine Hamill who helped me yesterday spending over an hour explaining very simply how I could save money but also without being at all push or salesy pointed out clearly how I could swop some phones on my contract and end up with a better phone for a similar pricepoint.   I ended up swopping 2 phones and spending a little more but with more data as I required.  She also looked at my TV package to see if any savings could be had which was not possible but I was so grateful for her attention. 


Mostly I am happy with the service I receive and I always know it will be a long call which can be hard when I'm trying to hold down a full time job, but yesterday I was cut off twice from other members of the team and was grateful when one person just talked at me trying to sell me stuff that was way beyond my pricepoint and seemed to ignore that the whole point of my call was to save money.   Christine, on the other hand, really listened to what I had to say and I brought up the fact that I'd been alerted to the possibility of swopping some devices and she explained how that worked and exactly how much it would cost me and how that would differ from what I was spending now.   She was amazing.  Just really trusted her to give me the right advice.  


Thanks you Christine - you really did help me and you made my day a little brighter too.  🙂c


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Hi @Caroline621 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager. 





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