Big thanks to Joanne in the Tech Team

Following on from the amazing work Phil fekm cancellations helped me, he put me through to a tech advisor Joanne; who was the epitomy of support; not only did she help me resolve and explain what has been going on with the issues with my line, she took her time to explain had Happened, broke down everything that had/ NOT happened, which made me reassured what was happening with my line rather than a no it all speaking jargon! Then she was helpful and understanding when I had to support my child, finding out her name we had a huge thoughtful conversation about an event she recently went to, that I had been to many a time and we clicked with the conversation, then afterwards she supported me more with resolving another issue just to help my child.  


Sky...! Joanne should be fully recognised for her thoughtfulness and support for what she had done that no other tech advisor apart from another helped in cancellations  

.  Please recognise her good work...! 

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Hi @Freesomstar 


Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager. 





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