Twitter Circle is available to all

Twitter Circle is available to all!


A new Twitter feature, which lets you share your tweets with the audience of your choosing, has finally been launched. Twitter Circle - similar to Instagram's 'close friends' feature and TikTok's Only Friends - allows up to 150 people to see your tweet.

You can make a Circle of up to 150 people each time you tweet and choose anyone to see it - whether you follow them or not. It's been designed to allow you to refine your audience down from the full Twitterverse, just to your close firends..


The service was first trialled back in May and was rolled out fully on Tuesday.



Why has it been made?


The reason behind the feature is to help you hold control over your data and personal privacy. The tweets that you make within the circle will still be subject to community guidelines, but people within the Circle can't retweet outside of the Circle's boundaries. You can still take screenshots, though.


Jay Sullivan says Twitter Circle was made to help those nervous about Tweeting universally to "break the ice, feel more comfortable Tweeting...a way to communicate more privately with your people. You can share your thoughts about culture, sports, music, work - or personal updates - with a smaller list of people that you select, and not the whole world. Choose your Circle of up to 150 people and share away! We will continue to build a healthier, more enjoyable Twitter so that each of you can join the public conversation on your own terms."



How do I Circle Tweet?



Circles can be created in user settings. Once you choose your group, a circle-only tweet is sent by clicking the tab that pops up when drafting a new tweet.


IMG: how to create a circle tweet.IMG: how to create a circle tweet.


Tweets sent to a Circle have a marker at the bottom and appear on the general timeline of the Circle follower. Only fellow Circle followers can reply and see new replies.

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