Join Sky Go Beta on PC

Join the Sky Go Beta Program on your PC to try the latest Sky Go version before it gets released, get fixes and new features first.


How to join


1. Download the Sky Go desktop app

2. Launch the Sky Go app

3. Go to 'Settings', then 'Updates'

4. Tick the 'Beta' option

Join Sky Go Beta on desktop.PNG


6. The following pop-up will appear. Select 'Join Beta'


Thanks for joining the Sky Go Beta.PNG


Once the download starts, you'll see the Sky Go logo for a few seconds


Downloading update.PNG


7. Select 'Install', then 'Next'


Ready to install Sky Go Beta.PNG


Preparing to install Sky Go Beta.PNG



You're all set!


Leaving the Beta Program on desktop


1. Lanch the Sky Go app

2. Go to 'Settings', then 'Updates


Production option in Sky Go settings.PNG


3. Tick the 'Production' option. The following pop-up message will appear.


Revert to Sky Go production version.PNG
4. Select 'Production version'
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