COMPETITION: Sky Community Reindeer Hunt

How to play


  1. Scour the pages of Sky Community to find each of Santa's eight Reindeer

  2. Make a note of their location

  3. When you've found all eight, come back to this article 

  4. Send a Direct Message to DasherDeer (this counts as a reindeer find!) with all the reindeer locations, and we'll get back to you!

Here's how to send a message!Here's how to send a message!


What am I looking for?




How will I recieve my prize?


  1. We will collect all the comments from this post, then get in touch via our Twitter handle @SkyHelpTeam.

  2. We will then confirm the reindeer locations via direct message with you, and use a Secure Form to authenticate. 

  3. Then, we will send you your prize via the email address you provide.


You have until the end of today...Happy hunting!

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