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skyidapp.sky.com can't currently handle this request


I've had this issue and when I contacted sky, I was advised to get another Email account elsewhere. Informed that sky no longer use yahoo and that I had lost access to my sky email account.

Total rubbish. There are various things you can try :

1. Instead of trying to access the email via sky website, try using outlook.

2. Try a different browser. I found that I initially had this issue using Edge but discovered I could access my emails via the sky website using Chrome.

3. Bit more tricky but it worked for me on Edge (my preferred browser) ..when you get the blank page with the message "skyidapp.sky.com can't currently handle this request" , keep the page open & clear just the cache in your computer settings. Then, in top top of the webpage (next to the website address,)  click on "view site information" Click on cookies & delete the folder with sky cookies. Close your browser & re-open. Hopefully the issue will be resolved and you will be able to access your emails once more via the sky website.

As I said, all the above worked for me.

Good Luck.


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