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has any one having same problems with SKY/YAHOO EMAILS, I changed my mobile about 3 months ago and I never thought but I no longer have access to this phone and now I cant get access into my my emails with sky/yahoo emails apparently, not with out accing the recovery code ??, I been with sky for 25 years ago and i was given this code which I cant remember or i never wrote it down, so Iphoned sky about this on about 4 occasions and all i get is i have to wait 21 days to sort this, well its been 4 months now and nothing, each month after 21 days I keep phoning back, nothing is happening, this is a joke a real joke??, so now I need to complain, but i expect I am wasting my breath here, but by complaining wont help dont think it will but it make my happier knowing someone reading this ??, the whole situation and attitude stinks, but what they have changed is my number on my mail account, but not on my Email/Yahoo account, sky cant unless Yahoo sorts this out, why did Sky sell to Yahoo any way, I never signed up for this ok, so I need to ask what can I do to resolve this issue, like I said I have no RECOVERY CODE, so i am stuck, any ideas people!!!??


  Kind Regards


Kevin and Alison Peart


from Newport Gwent


Np20 code


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When you set up this the recovery code was displayed inscreen and it did say that you should make a note of it or forward the email that is sent to another email account or safe keeping so you can access when and if you needed to.


Sky are correct in what they say about waiting 21 days so this should have been sorted by now you so you might want to register a complaint:



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Re: email

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It's up to you to change the mobile number for the Verification Codes before you lose access to the original mobile. It's not changed when you change your Sky contact details. The 'get out of jail card' is the Recovery Code which is why Sky recommend you make a separate note of it.


It's Sky that can fix this for you, not Yahoo, but understanding of the process for doing so seems a bit patchy. It's probably best to raise a formal complaint as @caesarome suggested. 


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