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Wifi drop out

My WiFi keeps dropping out every few minutes and we need it for work. I have tried turning everything off a number of times. Please help ASAP. Thanks 


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Re: Wifi drop out

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@Shaun3196 if you have an older broadband connection using a copper phone line there are lots of issues primarily caused bybthe incredibly wet weather and recent thunder storms. If you think thst sounds lije your issue while your hub is connected (internetlight  is green) log into the My Sky app or website and click to run the connection test, dont just accept what it tells you initially. If the test picks up an issue it can offer to book an engineer to check the line.


Otherwise you can call Sky but be warned currently as I said there are loads of lines doing this and Openreach often cannot do much other than wait for the line to dry out .The fact you choose to use what is sold as a domestic service for work doesn't give you any priority unfortunately.

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