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Wifi Fault.

WiFi fault test : Let's fixing, test comes back all connections good. Keep getting Fault let's fixing ...... Going round in circles. Please advise. Thank you.

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Re: Wifi Fault.

Same issue. No WiFi since 5th April. Sky told me a firmware update issue so hopefully they roll it back soon
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Re: Wifi Fault.

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@Reebok  This is a broadband fault that you have. Can you see if the broadband test finds any issues with your connection please.


Can you please run the broadband test, this can be done either via the Sky app on mobile data or use the link below.

If it finds an external fault it should enable you to book an engineer.

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Re: Wifi Fault.

Good Afternoon  Highlinder


Thanks for your reply and advice, all Broadband tests get the Green Tick, but then reminded  broadband  fault.  WiFi and desktop working , only see this problem when checking signal then it comes back all working. I suppose ignore if working ?. Thankyou Reebok.


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