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Wi-Fi dropping

I live in a bungalow with a loft conversion and my Wi-Fi hub is located in the upstairs room. The Wi-Fi booster is also located upstairs at the other end of the room. I've not had any issues until this week when my sons Xbox is constantly dropping off the Wi-Fi. I thought it may be an isolated issue with the Xbox, until I had the same issue tonight with an iPad. There's no reason why this should have changed, nothing new or anything moved in the house so I don't know why it's happening now?


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Re: Wi-Fi dropping

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Hi @TVRyebo 

Is there a reason you have a booster on the same floor & room as the hub? A booster will only help in a location that struggles for WiFi range, otherwise it can often just cause slower WiFi speeds and dropouts if its too close to the hub.

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