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Wi-Fi disconnection

The Wi-Fi in our property has disconnected from all of our devices. When we try to log back into the Wi-Fi, it is saying incorrect password. We have not changed the password and the router is showing with all 4 green lights so shouldn't be a problem with the router.


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Re: Wi-Fi disconnection

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@Abbey9 if a simple power down reboot doesnt sort the problem hold down the reset pin on the Sky hub until the power led flashes which takes up to 20 seconds. That will reset the hub to its default settings so the password on the label will work but you will lose any changes you have made.


If that works think about how somebody has been able to change the Hub's wifi password without you knowing. It is worth changing the hub's admin password that is required to make changes so it does not happen again see https://www.sky.com/help/articles/find-and-change-your-wireless-password

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