Discussion topic: Upgrading Broadband from superfast 35 to full fibre

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Upgrading Broadband from superfast 35 to full fibre

We moved into a new property in September 2023 and at that time we were unable to have full fibre as the roll out in the village was only just starting.


Full fibre is now available but I have been struggling to upgrade without a significant cost increase.  Currently we have the sky stream package with netflix and superfast 35 broadband.  This totals £38.50/month.


When calling Sky I was quoted at least £20 more each month to upgrade, but if I go online as a new customer I can get the full fibre for the exact same price as superfast 35.  How is it fair to change an existing customer an extra 50% each month compared to a new customer? Plus, I am tied into contract until March 2025 so cant leave without a large penalty.


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Re: Upgrading Broadband from superfast 35 to full fibre

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@GM231 unfortunately if the reduced price is not open to all customers which many offers aren't you are stuck . Fairness doesn't come into it Sky are in business to make money you got an introductory discount by the sound of it which will have a limited time there is nothing forcing Sky to offer you a second one. They will either hold you to your current contract or allow you to upgrade at whatever price they want to charge. 

You will find other companies are the same they offer loss leader prices to gain customers but then charge their normal prices once the intial offer expires.

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