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Unfair billing

How unfair is it that we pay sky nearly £35/month for broadband speeds that struggle to get over 3mbps and drop out regularly (we're talking often a couple of times a week for a few minutes or a few hours). The line quality is so poor that watching any live streaming usually results in buffering for a few minutes several times throughout a program and we have to switch off internet on  our mobiles and computer at this time as more than one device on at a time makes it even more unreliable. 
we have been with sky for 18yrs. (Over 10 at this property with the problema just getting worse each year). Loyalty it seems doesn't pay.  All I've asked for is a fair reduction in the bill to reflect the poor line speeds - especially as we see sky offering much faster speeds and even full fibre being offered at a lower price....

Sky's response - those services aren't available in your area so you can't have them / you can leave and go to a different provider.  
This feels very much like a failure to provide the service being paid for and we are so frustrated at the lack interest, support or resolution.  What a disappointing approach to customer care 


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Re: Unfair billing

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Sky don't provide the bearer circuit: that's the national Openreach network, and for FTTC is nearly-obsolete copper phone pairs.


ISPs on the Openreach network don't discount based on data rate (below a 40/10Mbs rate) because a circuit has a fixed wholesale cost to them.


Realistically Openreach is no longer prioritising repair and maintenance on their copper network because it's all due to be replaced by fibre anyway.

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