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Sky fibre offer serious worries

I got an email from sky with an offer of 38 for fibre. I wanted to take this up so rang rather than doing it online but online with my sky talk it all came out to 52 a month.                                                     I rang and had to prove I was given this offer by sending a screenshot of the email which I did.                                               The long and short is I was informed these offers aren't guaranteed so if it changes by installation date I pay 48. I said that to me that's ridiculous but decided to do it and kick up a fuss if it us more. Told I'll get the emails with my contract details and not to worry it says 48 for fibre as on the install date it gets changed.                                                 Is this right, please? I want a contract stating the discounted price as what's to stop them changing it at any time. Customer about 20 years and this seems an odd way of doing things. An offer is an offer. I was also dissuaded from doing it online at that price and told people phone all the time when they don't get their discount doing it thus way. 


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This message was authored by Chigirlx This message was authored by: Chigirlx

Re: Sky fibre offer serious worries

Lots of typos sorry I can't edit it.  Really worried as it seems so odd. My contract should show the discount but it doesn't but the guy said ignore that. It will change on the day but I won't get a contract stating this. Gonna cancel tomorrow.  Sky agent needs reporting unless this is normal practice now. Makes me distrust sky 


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