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My router has been failing to maintain a reliable connection all day. The problems began last night and intermittent connectivity (more off than on) has been the norm with the broadband and phone indicator lights being either solid orange or flashing. This is despite the status checker telling me that everything is okay. Looking at forums and the sky twitter responses this does not appear to be an isolated incident. 


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@DrLobo it isn't an isolated issue the recent increase in these issues is almost certainly linked to the recent heavy rain which is causing major issues to the copper phone network. If the My Sky app is not offering to book an engineer to check your line call Sky. However given the number of these reports Openreach are very busy at the moment it msy not be a quick fix.

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So how does someone actually get in touch with sky to report? Everything being diverted to a community forum is wholly unhelpful. Now on day 3 of no meaningful connections and continual dropping out of coverage after around 2 minutes of connection.


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