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Openreach Gigabit Rollout

My daughter is moving into her new home and wishes to start a Broadband/TV contract with Sky. However, Openreach  have approached her as the new owner to apply for the government Gigabit Voucher scheme, apparently (as I understand it) they need a certain percentage of the village to accept these vouchers to make it worthwhile to bring ultrafast BB to the village. My query is would any new Sky contract be affected if and when this 'rollout' takes place. I've read through the paperwork and get the impression she might be required to take out a new contract with whoever? which means she might have to pay for breaking her new Sky contract. To date I haven't been able to get anansweer from Openreach.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Openreach Gigabit Rollout

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@JM+Williams Sky only use the Openreach network to deliver services so if your daughter's new home gets an Openreach fibre connection it is likely they could supply a service. If the house currently has a copper phoneline she should be able to buy a service using that and upgrade once a full fibre connection is installed thst can take several months..


She as the customer should talk to Sky to check what service if any Sky can provide at her new address although if vouchers are available it is currently likely to be pretty slow. Where a customer moves to a property Sky cannot connect they often will wave the on-going contract but that isn't something they are obliged to do so cannot be demanded.

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Re: Openreach Gigabit Rollout

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Re: Openreach Gigabit Rollout

Hope this helps anyone ...

I too live in a small village in Northumberland and received a letter from BT Oprnreach encouraging us to join the gigabit voucher scheme. 


The openreach coordinator for Northumberland Louise Thompson replied to our Facebook group (Bardon Mill Matters). Perhaps you too may have a coordinator at openreach. 

Here are the relative postings:


"... Thanks Louise.
Just to be clear, and sorry to state the obvious, the customer MUST place an order with a gigabit broadband provider (be it BT or whoever) as a condition of the scheme. The customer simply can’t ‘stay’ on their current broadband package - thus an increase in monthly charges is likely to happen and possible exit fees.


Additional related questions:
Will openreach be digging up streets or erecting new telegraph poles to provide the new network service


Voip will be happening - though not directly connected with this scheme (as far as I can tell) - how will you reassure those residents that rely on the old pstn network, especially if they have care alarm services etc

Many thanks

Jerry ..."


"... Hi Jerry. Yes, the terms of the voucher state that once the network is live, voucher holders must take out a new service (or upgrade their current service) onto the new fibre network. Our service providers will usually let people upgrade their service without breaking the contract as long as they're staying with them. People out of contract are able to stay with their current provider, or change to a new provider, the choice is up to the resident. Costing will depend on the provider and the package/speed chosen. Some people actually save money moving to a full fibre service, where some may pay a little more.

We will utilise the existing infrastructure as part of the build where possible. Surveys will be taking place soon to establish this.

Regarding care alarm systems, this would need to be taken up with affected individual's service providers. The Technology Secretary has implemented Charters which have been agreed with ISPs and Network Providers and state "No telecare users will be migrated to digital landline services without the (service) provider, customer, or telecare company confirming they have a compatible and functioning telecare solution in place." I hope this helps.
Thanks, Louise ..."


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