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Not connected

My sky Q saying not connected and can't connect to the hub but your checker is saying everyth is ok 


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Re: Not connected

Pretty much every night this week my internet has stopped .. on modem I have from left to right 

Green , no light, green, amber . 

Would be be good if you could sort out . I've tried power off and on several times but nothing happening. Internet is normally okay in morning . 

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Re: Not connected

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@Kazbee03 if a simple reboot of the Q box and folowing the on screen instructions does not restore the connection give Sky a call.


@albur53 the leds indicate your hub has lost connection to the exchange. If the connection is still down ie tge internet light is still not showing green run the connection test in the My Sky app - ignore the last result and click to run the test again - if that doesn't tell yountherecisca known issue affecting your line give Sky a call.

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