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New broadband – No connection

Hello everyone!

I've moved into a new apartment where there was already an openreach socket (mk4): for the phone and for the internet (but we don't use the landline phone). I'm using Sky broadband Hub.

I connected everything according to the instructions. I took the black cable, inserted the purple plug into the Hub, and the white plug into the left socket input (where the internet icon is drawn). I turned on the power.

On the Hub, the Power and Wi-Fi lights are green, but the Internet light is not lit at all. The activation date has already passed, it was on February 9th. I also received a text message that the broadband was activated. When I try the address, it says Disconnected.

Please help, what can I do? I read that a private chat can quickly help with the problem. Could you create one for me, please?

I wanted to use the internet over the weekend, but something isn't working here 😞


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Re: New broadband – No connection

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@the_doggydog if the internet light is still not lit this morning call Sky as they should have had a report from Openreach overnight as to why the acyivation has not happened. 

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