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Broadband speed

My devices keep connecting to my neighbours internet, he is with a different provider.    I  used them at his house over 6 months ago and now the default connection is to his BT hub.  The irritating things is that when I  then manually connect to my own sky hub it is so much slower than my neighbours  where there are  several walls between us.  This is  not encourging me to stay with Sky Broadband!!!  Your online assistant is also flawed as telling to me to switch off my hub and then switch it back on again just means that the connection to the online assitant is lost and my connectio defaults  back on my neigbours internet.  I don't believe the speed checker is accurate,  as my neighbours connections is clearly so much faster than mine and yet I checked speeds when connected to both my neighbours and my own and the check said no problem.   I assume that my devices connect to the strongest signal which is my neighbours BT broadband.  This is so unsatisfactory.  


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Re: Broadband speed

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Typically you can tell any individual device to 'forget' a particular network somewhere in its own settings: it then cannot reconnect if the broadcast signal is encrypted.

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Re: Broadband speed

@TimmyBGood   Thanks for the reply. I think I will have to do that but the annoying thing is that a signal coming through several walls, is stronger than from the hub which is 

literally 4  feet away 😣


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