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Broadband speed problems

I'm on superfast broadband and usually get speeds between 60-70mbps but after noticing some slowdown today I ran a speedtest which came back at 3mbps so I had a look at the router stats and did 2 reboots and the problem persists, in fact Its even slower. Last evening at around 6pm the internet seemed to go off for 5 minutes before returning and didn't think anything of it at the time. I've also used the sky service checker on the website which said everything was working well except, speed to the hub which was poor. Can anyone advise? My current router stats read as

Downstream connection speed 2290kbps - Line Attenuation D1(6.8 dB) D2(18.4 dB) D3(26.4 dB) - Noise margin 6.8dB

Upstream connection speed 391kbps - Line Attenuation U0(0.1 dB) , U1(0.1 dB) , U2(11.3 dB)

 - Noise margin 6.0dB


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Re: Broadband speed problems

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@IT looks like a line fault which you need to report to Sky if the app is not offering an engineers check. Calls to 150 on your Sky Talk line are free.

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