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ADSL Cable extension

Hi I have sky WiFi max router I have poor signal in other bedrooms so I want to move my router in the middle of room but I am not sure which ADSL cable is best to go with that provides high speed I have master socket 5C with white BT telephone plug and purple one that goes in router,, also will I get better speed if I put miscrofilter and connect Internet cable with both purple ending? Thanks. Richard

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Re: ADSL Cable extension

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@Richard0097 you can buy RJ11 extension cables with a female rj11 connector on one end and a male rj11 plug at the other. However you maybe better buying a new RJ11 cable of he right length without a join. You can pick them up at most electrical or diy shops. There is nothing special about the cables Sky provide apart from the pretty purple plug. Beware of having cables  that are over 10m as speeds can drop. If you have a prefiltered socket with two connectors you dont need a line filter.


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