Sky Broadband Speed Tests: Definition, Meaning, Explanation

Sky Broadband Speed Tests | Definition, Meaning, Explanation


Struggling with slow loading pages, patchy connection, or slow speed when downloading programs? You've probably run a speed test before. But what do those tests mean, are they reliable, and how can we get past the lingo?


Sky Broadband Speed Test


Sky's speed check is the speed that arrives at the Hub (sync speed); whereas other speed checkers are to the device they are being run on. If that device is connected wirelessly the results will almost always be lower than that of the Sky run test.


Speed tests from external websites don't tell us anything other than what is being measured at the weakest point in the network, which is usually Wi-Fi related. The Sky Broadband Speed Test is more reliable than external checkers, as it's intrinsically linked to your specific service.



How to get your Broadband Hub Router Statistics


Your router statistics measure the internal workings of your Broadband Hub, which can be found in your router settings page.


  • Make sure you're connected to your home broadband network
  • Open your browser and type into your address bar.
  • When prompted enter the username: admin and password: sky or your WiFi password
  • Select the Maintenance Tab
  • Scroll down and click on Show Statistics
  • Copy and Paste your stats into a Sky Community post and explain the issue you're experiencing.




What should I expect to see from a speed test?


Line Attenuation - LOW


The distance between you and the ADSL / VDSL provider's exchange. The longer the line/higher attenuation the more noise margin you may need - which means the slower speed you will get. You would expect higher attenuation if there was an external fault.


Noise margin - 3dB or 6dB


Used to measure line quality and defines a minimum limit at which the signal level is above the noise level. You should expect to see about 3dB or 6dB.


Download/Upload speed - dependent on your house's individual needs


  • Is it above the Guaranteed Minimum Download Speed that we told you when you ordered your Sky Broadband?

  • Is it lower than expected and you have an elevated noise margin? This could mean a possible fault on your line. We recommend you test your connection

  • If you're receiving the maximum speed for your Broadband package e.g. 80 Mbps? It's normal for your noise margin to be raised.

  • EG: For streaming, video chatting and gaming- download 75-100Mbps, upload at least 10-50 Mbps


Broadband Jargon | Definitions


Broadband vs Wi-Fi


Broadband is the term used for the connection that goes from the exchange to your house. Wi-Fi is the wireless connection from your Hub that goes to your Mobile, Desktop, TV or Console. Wi-Fi is subject to interference from other signals nearby all jostling for the same limited bandwidth.


Throughput vs Bandwidth


Throughput is the term for how much data is transmitted from the source to its destination. Bandwidth is the transfer capacity of a network. 


Sync Speed vs Throughput


Sync speed tells you how fast the internet can get to your home. Throughput speed tells you how fast your broadband can download and upload data between your router and the internet.

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