How to read your Sky Hub statistics

To help the Community identify the cause of an issue you might be having, you'll often be asked to share your Sky Hub statistics (Hub stats).


How to find your Sky Hub stats


Connect to your home broadband network, then:


  1. Open your browser and type into your address bar.
  2. Select the Maintenance tab
  3. When prompted enter:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: sky or your WiFi password
  4. Scroll down and click on Show Statistics

What are my Sky Hub stats?


Your Sky Hub's 'Router Statistics' include a live summary of the speed your hub is getting, a snapshot of any interference on your line and an overview of demand on your ethernet connection and WiFi.


They don't include any personal info or any info that can identify you, so you can share them publicly within the community.


They can be used to help fix problems or help get the most out of your home network.


How to identify a potential fault


First, it's useful to remember that not every phone line is the same, so these indicators might not apply to everyone in exactly the same way. But, you can share your hub stats in the Broadband community for feedback about your line and any issues you might be having.


What to check:


'Noise margin'


  • You should expect to see about 3dB or 6dB.

Download speed


  • Is it above the Guaranteed Minimum Download Speed that we told you when you ordered your Sky Broadband?
  • Is it lower than expected and you have an elevated noise margin? This could mean a possible fault on your line. I recommend you test your connection
  • If you're receiving the maximum speed for your Broadband package e.g. 80 Mbps? It's normal for your noise margin to be raised.

Sky Router Statistics.PNG


Line speeds will not be displayed for FTTP customers

Why does Sky report a different speed to my speed test app?


The short answer is, they're measuring different things. Speeds that you see on or the My Sky app are measuring the line speed received by your hub. Your speed test apps are usually measuring WiFi which can be affected by a lot of factors.


For further support, ask the Sky Broadband community.


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