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Credit on my account

I received an email saying i would get the money back in to my bank but it is showing as a credit. How does this get refunded to me


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Re: Credit on my account

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Your post has been escalated to Sky and their Messaging Team should contact you later.

You need to watch out for a post from one of the team inviting you to a private chat and then you should see a blue/red speech bubble at the bottom of your forum page. You’ll have 48 hours to click on it and start the private chat or it will close automatically. If you fail to respond to a chat reply within 48 hours the chat will again close down automatically even if your issue hasn’t been resolved. Replies from Sky aren’t instant so you’ll need to check the chat thread fairly regularly.

This link explains what happens.

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Re: Credit on my account

Posted by a Sky employee

Thanks for escalating this. We’ve sent an invite to @Daniellestephen to chat.


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