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I would like to send heartfelt thanks to Paul, of the Retentions Department, for all his help last evening.

After a very frustrating 2 days spent being passed on to at least 3 different 'advisors' whilst trying to get my account amended, by using your text -  I found this text service awful, slow and useless - I finally gave up and decided to leave Sky and go elsewhere.  After being a 'loyal' customer for 18 years!

I waited all day from 8am until 5.30pm trying to speak to someone via 'webchat' - but it was continously busy!  Have you stopped this service? If so, why does it not let customers know, instead of simply saying 'busy'... I kept the window open all the time, it never changed from 'busy'...

I called to get confirmation that I was not under contract for anything (before I approached a new supplier), so was put through (via the automated phone system) to Paul, in 'Retentions'.

What a darling!

He patiently listened to my tale of woe, apologised for my trouble, and looked into my account for me.  He adivsed that the 'amendment' I had requested by text had not been done, and immediately did it for me. 

I complained that I found I had been charged for 2 calls from my sky landline, to my mobile - that when I checked my mobile these calls were 'missed' so should not have been charged - and he refunded the charge.

I also adivsed that I was calling to cancel all services as it had gone up far more than comparable supplier services.  He offered me discounts that will last the full length of an 18 month contract, and this brought my charges down to a more reasonable and manageable level. 

Because of his help and kindness, patience and understanding, I have agreed to sign up for a further 18 months with Sky.

I am so pleased I do not have the bother of sorting out a new provider, and that I will not lose any of my favourite channels, that I was looking forward to receiving a feedback request from Sky!  Typically this has not arrived - only a feed back request from the utterly useless text service!!!

Needless to say, I gave them only 1 point - I was not given the option of giving them a zero! AND I only got the first question to respond to (isn't there usually 4 questions and a box for comments?)

I am frustrated not to have received a feedback for Paul in Retentions, so I have decided to leave it here - in the hope that it might reach him (and his manager!). 

I feel he deserves recognition for his kindness, patience and understanding.  Sky has him to thank - I had decided I was leaving prior to speaking to him!

Well done, Paul!


Karen Venn


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