Positive customer feedback!

I dont appear to be the only one looking for a place to leave positive feedback which is a shame when you have a complaints department.


I had the pleasure of speaking with an Irish gentleman called John (didnt catch his last name) yesterday! Who was more than helpful, with helping me deal with a problem with my broadband.


He was patient, friendly and extremely informative at all times of what was going on. He contacted me back when was promised, and even contacted me back after the issue had been dealt with, as he noticed an additonal error. Instead of leaving the issue (which he easily could of done), he contacted me back to help figure out the on-going issue. 


I usually dread dealing with these problems as I get passed around from person to person who just fob you off to the next person, which ends up highly frustrating and stressful! For once, after speaking with John I finished the phone call feeling more at ease and actually understanding the issue at hand!


Amazing customer service! cant praise him enough!  John needs a raise!


Thank you again!


A positive feedback section would be useful, to ensure the staff members doing their jobs above and beyond, actually get the recognition they deserve!  


Hugs for John!



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