Dave in Cancellation



I just had a call with an adviser today in the cancellation team as I had a query about a new phone contract with Sky. 

I was aiming to leave feedback but there was no option at the end of the call. The adviser was extremely helpful and made sure I fully understood the process so I wanted to make that known.

The call took place 17/06/2023 and the call ended around 19:00. I think the advisers name was Dave in the cancellation team and he was Scottish but please can you pass on this feedback.


He was very understanding and explained everything thoroughly to ensure I understood the process. I was confused about next steps as I wanted to keep my old number but he explained that because I had bought a new sim plan I couldn't transfer my previous plan number as this was also with Sky. He reassured me and managed to find a solution to my issue by cancelling the new sim plan and upgrading my data plan to 20GB whilst continuing to pay the same price.


I was hesitant about calling but I'm so happy to have the issue resolved promptly and really appreciated Dave's patience and communication. 


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