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i have been on here trying to get an email address to do this but without success so thought I'd voice my gratitude here. So often one hears bad reports about the customer service agents at sky so it's lovely to be able to share a positive experience. 

I went on web chat yesterday with the intention of cancelling my Sky TV package as my circumstances had changed and found mysel no longer able to afford £30 per month. I spoke to an agent called Michael (with a Scottish accent and most likely to be from a retentions team) he asked me if he could call me and did so very promptly. We had a chat and he then offered me a deal which reduced my subscription by £10 per month without losing any channels in return for agreeing a further 12 month contract. I was delighted with the offer and accepted graciously. Michael then set my new package up while I remained on the phone and he advised me of my next bill charges and due date. 

Throughout my web chat and subsequent call, Michael was courteous and pleasant and extremely efficient and the only mistake made was from me; when I inadvertently closed the chat window before I completed a feedback form he had asked me to do.  

I feel so silly for my error but also, having lots of call centre experience myself, know how important KPIs are to maintain a persons standards of customer service and I'm so sorry that Michael has missed out on an excellent feedback response. So I just wanted to voice it here in the hope he somehow receives it. 

My belief is you treat someone in the way you expect to be treated yourself and today that proved true. I never gave anything less than 100% when I worked in Cust Service and today I received 100% back from Michael.  Thank you for making my experience such a positive one. 

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