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Suggestion for additional info in F1 Calendar

I am trying to find out if there is a specific link to, or a sky webpage that gives Sky subscribers the opportunity to make suggestions for items to include in a particular Sky webpage?


If this is the place then the webpage is https://www.skysports.com/f1/schedule-results which is the year calendar showing times and dates for each round of the Formula 1 season.  The calendar is great and is installed on my Google calendar so is accessible on my mobile phone. 


The one small improvement I would like is for each entry to also include the "On Air" time so for example a current entry for Friday 3 November 2023 is


 "6pm F1: Brazil - Qualifying"


However the actual TV coverage commences at 5.pm therefore it would be really helpful if this on air time was included for all calendar entries so something like the "on air" time included in brackets for example


 Friday 3 November 2023 "(5.pm) 6pm F1: Brazil - Qualifying"

Saturday 4 November "(5.30pm) 6pm F1: Brazil - Sprint Race"

Sunday 5 November "(3.30.pm) 5pm F1: Brazil - Race"


Maybe me just being lazy not wanting to look at my calendar and then either login to the SkySportsF1 website or switch on the TV guide just to ensure I know when coverage starts.  I would add the extra times myself but the calendar is only editable by SkySportsF1 presumably.


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