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About Dazzasky

Love cinema, walking and going to the theatre. Loving life right now. Absolutely love Agatha Christie and think she is the best crime writer ever.


About Mark39

Long-time Sky customer and technophile with a wide interest in electrical and electronic devices and computing.


About rscott

Been a geek since I got my first computer (16k ZX Spectrum, 1982, upgraded to 48k in 1983)! Now responsible for managing enterprise IT systems across various continents. When I'm not breaking expensive storage devices, I can either be found watching motorsport, standin...


About jamesn123

Work in IT networking for a living and like to help when I can. Always interested to learn more about how telecommunications work


About Laing1

Married no kids 1 mad Springer Spaniel. Love new tech enjoy building PC's, walking, travelling and watching TV mostly Scifi and Horror. Favourite TV programmes are Doctor Who, GoT and Blindspot


About oldfella

Happily retired and enjoying walking, travelling and watching too much TV.


About Chrisee

Enjoying retirement, my AV hobby and supporting the world's wine production as someone has to.


About SDR

Catholic, Bibliophile,Cinephile, Deltiologist and Casual Philatelist. All things Apple, Been online since 1983.


About TimmyBGood

IT Technician and Manager, 20 years of PC defluffing, network wrangling, server herding and telling end-users that 'if switching it off and on doesn't fix it, we'll re-install the operating system'. Married with assorted small people. Mostly too often in the Q forum to ac...


About Annie+UK

I love; Technology, Computer games (Gamertag: Annie UK), learning computer languages, web coding (I run my own website/server), Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Animation, YouTube etc… I voluntarily test apps and the Sky+HD Electronic Programme Guide software for sky, I am an Alp...

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