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Simon WD.PNG


Negan’s right-hand man was not to be trifled with. If anything, when making a comparison between the two, Negan was the lesser of two evils. Let’s push the whole caving people’s heads in with a baseball bat thing to one side for now as it doesn’t fit in with this argument. K, thx.


But at least Negan attempted to save some of the people they came across – a sentiment Simon did not share. Tiring of the way Negan conducted business, Simon conspired with Dwight to get rid of him. When Rick drove Negan off the road and they had a cat-and-mouse game running from one another in an abandoned building, Simon was sly enough to devise a plan to keep the rest of the Saviours away whilst he and Dwight searched. Finding nothing, Simon decided Negan was dead and appointed himself a leader.


This was a poor decision

Age: Somewhere in his mid-late 40’s. The glory of his moustache makes it difficult to determine.


Place of death: On the floor in the centre of the Sanctuary, with Negan’s hands around his throat.


Relationships: It’s fair to say Simon wasn’t well-liked by those around him, so no one was going to mourn his death.


He was threatening without needing to shout, somehow keeping his anger at bay whilst displaying a calm demeanour.


Simon’s closest acquaintance away from the Saviours was Gregory but even then, it wasn’t equal. Gregory was the snake in the grass, slithering between the Hilltop and the Saviours, whereas Simon was in full control of their relationship, ready to swoop down on Gregory like a bird of prey.


Life lessons: Be careful when trusting some just as slimy as you, because they’re likely to betray you in order to save their own neck (or the part of their face that hasn’t yet had a hot iron pressed against it).






Gavin WD.PNG


Although a member of the Saviours’ inner circle, Gavin never seemed thrilled about being there. In fact, he was probably the fairest of the bunch, trying to keep the peace where he could.


We can’t forget however that he was a member and continued to follow Negan’s orders. Also, the fact that he didn’t kill reprimand Jared for killing Benjamin was lousy.


Age: He looked exhausted from it all, so he may not have been as old as he appeared. Perhaps mid-40’s?


Place of death: In the Kingdom, after an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve Ezekiel. Henry (yeah, the kid who is about ten) stabbed him in the neck because he believed Gavin killed his brother.


Relationships: We didn’t see much of Gavin, apart from when he was following orders. As he’s assigned to the Kingdom, Gavin interacted most with Ezekiel. He wasn’t unnecessarily difficult like other members of the Saviours and treated Ezekiel with respect. Unfortunately, his Saviour responsibilities took priority and he became less understanding when it was needed the most.


Life lessons: Trying the keep the peace may seem the safest option, but it can backfire. Don’t be afraid to take charge!


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Jared WD.PNG


Ugh, what an awful human being. There’s literally nothing nice to say about him, I’m glad he’s dead.

Too far? Okay, basically Jared belonged to Gavin’s group of Saviours that went to visit the Kingdom. He was arrogant and made an effort to provoke those around him, especially Richard. After the offering from the Kingdom wasn’t enough, Gavin gave the order to shoot one of Ezekiel’s men. It was assumed Jared would target Richard but instead he shot Benjamin in the leg, causing him to bleed to death.


Jared was later held captive at the Hilltop with other members of the Saviours but escaped, only to be tracked down by Morgan and Rick.


Age: Late 20’s to early 30’s.


Place of death: In an abandoned bar. Morgan locked Jared in with a group of Walkers who ate him alive. It was awesome. #biased


Relationships: The rest of the Saviours seemed to tolerate rather than like him, and he certainly wasn’t held in high esteem with anyone else.


Life lessons: An example of how not to act.


And the people who were much nicer, but still didn’t get away unscathed:





Tobin WD.PNG


Not a core character, but one who had been around for a while. Tobin was a decent guy who’d worked to help Alexandria strive, long before Rick started throwing his weight around…


Age: Late 40’s to early 50’s.


Place of death: At the Hilltop. Tobin is a victim of Negan’s master plan to infect everyone with Walker blood. Sadly it was Carol who has to  ‘take care’ of his reanimated form.


Relationships: Tobin was an important member of the community, using his skills from his previous profession to help build and maintain Alexandria. Because of this, he was well-liked by his peers. There was a hiccup early in our introduction to him when he chose to leave Francine behind to ensure the safety of the rest and she punched him in the face…but all good after that!


A romance bloomed between Carol and Tobin; however, it was short-lived as Carol chose to leave Alexandria along with the feelings she had begun to develop for Tobin.  


Life lessons: Use your strengths, be willing to learn and be ready to adapt to something new.



Dr Harlan Carson (the nice doctor brother)


Dr Carson WD.jpg


At the Hilltop, we’re introduced to Dr Harlan Carson, an obstetrician who used his medical knowledge to help the community. This was very useful for Maggie who’s been pregnant forever. Unfortunately, his brother (who was at the Sanctuary) was killed by Negan, and therefore Harlan had no choice but to accompany the Saviours to the Sanctuary.

When we see Harlan at the Sanctuary, he’s caring for Gabriel. They’re able to escape with Eugene’s help, but Gabriel’s not in a fit state to travel. Eventually, they’re found by the Saviours.


Age: Early 40’s.


Place of death: Somewhere in the forest. Harlan tried to steal a gun from the Saviour to escape, but he wasn’t quick enough and was shot instead.


Relationships: There’s not a lot known about Harlan, but his caring nature is shown in the way he treats his patients. Because of Harlan, Maggie is able to check on the progress on her baby and Gabriel doesn’t completely lose his sight (or his life, for that matter).


Life lessons: Equip yourself with medical training if possible, but be warned, you’ll be sought after by the bad guys as well as the good.



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