Walking Dead: Future frictions


Maggie, Daryl, Jesus vs Rick and Michonne


It pains me to admit it, but there’s definitely some friction brewing. Whilst ruling Hilltop, Maggie’s become a stronger leader and more sure of her capabilities. All she wanted was for Negan to die as payment for what he did to Glenn.


But alas, Rick mustered some compassion after being repeatedly reminded of what Carl would have wanted. That’s all well and good for Negan’s life and Rick’s conscience, but it’s a different matter for Maggie.


To add to her pain, it was Michonne who restrained her from finishing the job and killing Negan. As you now can’t have Rick without Michonne, it only makes sense for them to share the same fate.


Jesus is loyal to Maggie so his allegiance to her in this isn’t surprising. What is a little unsettling is Daryl’s resolute decision to join Maggie’s cause. We’ve seen Rick and Daryl’s relationship crack over the season, and even saw them entering in a full-on fist fight.


When Carl was dying and Daryl stepped in to take Judith, it seemed that Rick and Daryl’s relationship was back on track. Who knows? Maybe Daryl was playing the ‘pretend to be allies’ game, or could he finally have cracked and turned his back on Rick.



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Ah, that enigmatic character who somehow managed to survive after having his throat cut. Tsch.


There’s no escaping that he’s the life and soul of the undead party, but he’s found himself in a bit of situation. Being tied up in a solitary cell with nothing to look forward to? Does that sound like something Negan would just accept?


No, certainly not. And although he wants to ‘save’ people, his patience had run thin at the end of season 8, so his new circumstances are guaranteed to rile him up more.


Or he could have a total change of heart and forget everything that happened! Yeah, it’s doubtful, I agree. When we think of causing friction, Negan’s the worst, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to escape his confinement and what he’ll do with a restored sense of power.




I wonder what happened to Lucille…



Jadis (who's actually called Anne)


There appears to have been a turning point for Jadis after she watched all of her people die. For instance, she allowed Morgan entry to the eerily silent trash heap she called a home and actually revealed her real name!


She didn’t talk in the same kind of riddles with Morgan (there was still an essence of it, obviously, but not to the same degree) and she looked hopeful at the prospect of joining Rick and the other survivors.


But, how is she causing friction, I hear you cry? Ah, she’s not directly now, but she certainly did prior to this.


If she joins Rick, where’s the guarantee that he or Michonne won’t hold on to the past? Jadis locked Rick up several times, double-crossed him and then actively tried to kill him by pitting her latest Walker creation against him. It’s a lot to forgive and forget.


As for Michonne, she had to watch as Jadis propositioned Rick in front of her. Luckily, she’s pretty forgiving, but she’s also aware of the amount of time Jadis turned against Rick, and I’m sure the whole Michonne4Rick4eva thing may sway her opinion some.




I agree... No friction whatsoever.