Ted Kravitz will host the new show F1® Midweek Debrief

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Sky Sports F1 presenters.jpgWith less than a week to go until the first race of the Formula 1® season, Sky Sports has confirmed its programming schedule for launch week and set out all the ways customers can catch the action.



Sky Sports’ dedicated F1® channel (Sky TV Guide 860 HD and 406 SD) is marking each day in the build-up to the race weekend with special programming to build on the excitement to lights out.


From a look back at an eventful 2018 title race, behind the scenes at the official 2019 F1® season launch and a preview of life in the paddock, Sky Sports F1® will bring you all the key moments in the countdown to another dramatic season of racing.


Additionally, in an update to this year’s schedule, Sky Sports F1® presenter, Ted Kravitz, will host the new show, F1® Midweek Debrief, each Wednesday of the 2019 season. Former Head of Vehicle Performance at the Williams Martini Racing Formula One® team, Rob Smedley, will join Ted for the first show on 20 March at 6pm (repeated at 7.30pm) on Sky Sports F1®.



The F1®Show will air on Sky One as well as on Sky Sports F1® and Sky Sports Main Event this Saturday 16 March. Viewers will also have an opportunity to watch later in the day on free to air channel, Pick TV (Sky TV Guide 152).


Sky Sports will broadcast every practice session, qualifying session and all 21 races live starting with the Australian Grand Prix which will be simulcast on Sky Sports F1®, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky One.


For those opting for a Sunday morning lie-in, full race replays and highlights for the opening race on 17 March from Melbourne will also be available to watch via Sky Sports F1®, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky One.


The Sky Sports F1® team on the starting grid for the first race will be Rachel Brookes, Martin Brundle, Karun Chandhok, David Croft, Johnny Herbert, Damon Hill, Simon Lazenby and Paul di Resta.


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With an F1® world champion on the team for each of the 21 races, the Sky Sports F1® line-up in full will comprise: Rachel Brookes, Martin Brundle, Jenson Button, Karun Chandhok, David Croft, Anthony Davidson, Paul di Resta, Johnny Herbert, Damon Hill, Ted Kravitz, Simon Lazenby, Natalie Pinkham, Nico Rosberg.


Race Week – What to watch


  • 2018 Review – Tues 12 March 18:30 & 22:00 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • Melbourne F1® Launch Show Live – Weds 13 March 05:50, 18:30 & 2200 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • Welcome to the Weekend Live – Thurs 14 March 07:00, 18:30 & 2200 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • F1® Australian GP Countdown – Fri 15 March 07:00, 19:00 & 22:00 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • Live Paddock Walkabout – Sat 16 March 04:10 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • The F1® Show Live - Sat 16 March 07:30 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • The F1® Show Live (rpt) - Sat 16 March 14:00 Pick TV




  • GP Practice 1 – Fri 15 March 00:30 (Sky Sports F1® & Main Event)
  • GP Practice 2 – Friday 15 March 04:45 (Sky Sports F1® & Main Event)
  • GP Practice 3 – Sat 16 March 02:45 (Sky Sports F1®)




  • Pre-show - Sat 16 March 05:00 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • Qualifying - Sat 16 March 05:55 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • Qualifying Replay – Sat 16 March 08:00 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event)
  • Qualifying Replay (rpt) – Sat 16 March 11:15, 15:00, 18:00, 22:00 (Sky Sports F1®)


Race Day - Ways of Watching


Live Action


The first race of the season and accompanying programmes will be available to watch exclusively live on Sky Sports F1®, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky One.


  • Pit Lane Live - Sun 17 March 03:30 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • On the Grid - Sun 17 March 04.30 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • Live Race - Sun 17 March - 05:05 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • Paddock Live – Sun 17 March 07:00 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)


Full Race Replays


For those not up early enough to catch the action live, there will be chances to watch the full race replay via Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Main Event or Sky One:


  • Full Race Replay - Sun 17 March 08:00 (Sky Sports F1®, Main Event & Sky One)
  • Full Race Replay - Sun 17 March 11:35 (Sky Sports F1® & Sky One)
  • Full Race Replay (rpt) - Sun 17 March 15:00, 19:00, 23:30 (Sky Sports F1®)




For those choosing a Sunday morning lie-in, race highlights will be available on both Sky Sports F1® and Sky Sports 


  • Race Highlights - Sun 17 March 18:00 (Sky Sports F1®)
  • Race Highlights - Sun 17 March 22:00 (Sky Sports F1® & Main Event)


Alternatively, both replay and highlights will be available On Demand:


  • Full Race Replay available from approx. 16:00 Sun 17 March
  • Race Highlights available from approx. 12:00 Sun 17 March


Whichever way you choose to watch the F1® action, via TV, SkySports.com or on the go via the Sky Sports App, Sky Sports has you covered. 👍🏼🏁🏎

New Viewer

Disappointed that Ted K no longer reporting from the pit lane, bad move Sky.



Surely you have not canned Teds Notebook??!!!

Sound Supervisor

Sad to see Ted not rejoin the SSF1 team for another year, one appearance a week in a syndicated wrap-up show is a huge loss from the insight and quirky, entertaining presenting he used to bring to race weekends. As an F1 enthusiast he exudes a passion for the sport, the statistics and the fine technical detail which few other pundits follow and discuss at the same level of detail.


Ted has frequently helped demystified complex issues with memorable explanations, making the sport much more accessible to newcomers and old fans alike. Inexplicable how Sky management thought it appropriate to not renew his contract, Ted's always been a key part of the coverage team. So much for listening to the customers...


Devastated to tune in this weekend to find that not only is Ted Kravitz not in the paddock, but the superb 'Ted's Notebook' has been canned! The lack of this irreplaceable gem will definitely spoil my viewing weekend.


Much as I respect Karun Chandhok's technical analysis he can't replace Ted's endearing, enthusiastic, bumbling 'little brother' delivery that really opens up the paddock and makes us all feel a part of it behind the scenes.


Come on Sky, this is a big mistake. Bring back the Notebook!


Come on Sky bring Ted back. His reporting from the pit lane and his Notebook was one of the highlights of a race weekend. Giving him a midweek show does not make up for his loss. Karoon is fine but he is another earnest, fast talking, ex driver and doesn’t have Teds common touch or sense of humour.  Fans want to see Ted, it is lovely to know that personalities such as Jenson will pop up but the core original team have their own following which you have completely disregarded and disrespected. Just bring Ted back ad we’ll all stop moaning.


Bring back Ted's Notebook - the best show of the F1 weekend after the actual race.

It was extremely entertaining and full of humour and facts about the qualifying and race.


New Viewer

Sky have made a huge error here, Ted has cult like status and during frequent dull periods of racing and particularly practice his quips and comments and knowledge kept me tuned in. I'm sorry but I find Chandhok very irritating with Di Resta nearly as bad. What are Sky's reasons for doing this? He never got a mention during practice or qualifying so I'm guessing Croft etc are under instruction to stay quiet. If it was a falling out with a boss then I suggest the wrong person has gone. BRING BACK TED KRAVITZ AND HIS NOTEBOOK.


What has happened to Ted's Notebook.  Gutted that it's seems to have been canned.  Chandhok really puts me off the show and I too find him extremely irritating.  Please bring back Ted.


Where’s Ted? Been away from sky for 2 years and come back for f1 and no Ted


New Viewer

I can’t believe Ted is missing from the race weekend and to make it worse he has been replaced by Chandhok. Bad move Sky you need to bring Ted back


Wife and  I really missing Ted.

His laid-back style is refreshing between the egos of  some F1 personalities.

And he is one of the few Sky presenters who speaks decent English, and not American English.




Seriously Chandhok dull as dishwater! 

Sound Designer

Wow - that was dull as dishwater. Sure Chandhok has technical insight but has zero personality compared to the legendary Ted Kravitz and no Notebook - I cannot believe Sky think this is a positive step forward!


He added humour and great insight to a very technical sport, he had respect in the pit lane and got great interviews. #bringbackted

How terrible that Ted is no longer at the races. He brought such character to the airwaves. His Notebooks were frequently the highlights of the weekends in what are otherwise frequently boring and processional races, much like today's opener. It would be nice to at least get some explanation.

Sky bring back Ted's and his notebook back immediately and not just some races where he will provide little commentary . Sack whom made this incredible mistake. 


Really grinds when you get up at 4AM to watch the Melbourne coverage and no ted. WTAF. Ted is the one person other than Martin Brundle who really levels with the viewers. Love seeing him take us into the paddock to see the teams clearing g up etc..we see the real faces behind the scenes and Ted communicates with them 121. Sky we pay for this. Do as your told get the corporate feed off get the viewers favourite one. Rant over. Oh..and  this other guy..get him off.


Where’s Ted? Chandhok’s got nothing on him. Ted’s Notebook is best thing to watch after Qualifying and The Race. He gives us the insight and good technical  information about how the teams race panned out. Poor decision by bosses who think they know what viewers want. Bring back Ted!!!!