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Created by Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters and Nick Love (The Football Factory), Bulletproof premieres Tuesday 15 May @9PM on Sky One



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In their first series for Sky One, Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters star in Bulletproof as police duo, Bishop and Pike - two best mates, bonded by the same moral code despite their very obvious differences.


Packed full of humour, action and emotion, the show centres on the relationships between fathers and sons and is about friendship, conspiracies and ghosts from the past. Growing up Bishop (Clarke) and Pike (Walters) had very different lives. Pike’s dad was the first black police commissioner and he grew up always trying to live up to his expectations, while Bishop grew up looking for a father figure as he was passed around foster homes, moving from school to school.




Their pasts have shaped their different approaches to life, and yet they have a love and respect for each other that seems unbreakable. Their friendship is yet to be properly tested until now...


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“I am absolutely thrilled to be making my first TV series for Sky 1 which is going to be full of action, heart and characters you will fall in love with. I am raring to go!” (Nick Love, writer, director and executive producer)



Let's see if they're really Bulletproof...  

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In case you've missed episode 1...