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The film centres around a young girl called Heidi played by Tabitha Bateman who excels as the twelve-year-old girl with the strangest of home circumstances.


She is looked after by an agoraphobic neighbour who discovered her and her severely mentally disabled mother twelve years ago in the neighbouring apartment. Her mother is little more than a child with just twenty-two words in her vocabulary.




As Heidi reaches the age where she starts to question her life, there are no answers. Who pays the rent and all the bills? What is her real name? Where did she come from? A roll of undeveloped film cracks open a possible clue that eventually after many ups and downs leads to all the answers.


It’s from a 2004 book and it is a roller coaster of emotions, dealing with death, guilt, love, tenderness, fulfilment, the meaning of family and growing up. It is a film about longing, belonging and the search for identity.




It would be terribly easy to underrate this film, to miss the finer points and themes. I wanted to see it as soon as I read about it in the Radio Times coming to Sky Premiere, unfortunately, either they got it wrong or Sky changed the schedule, whatever, it is here now and well worth watching.


A very good four-star film.


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