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Back in February, I noticed a Ben Affleck film on Sky Cinema that mentioned the word autism. This peaked my interest having autism as a major part of my family life. I recorded it and promptly forgot all about it.


So I finally watched it now in June, knowing nothing about it at all prior to viewing it. Wow, I was surprised at how good it was, a kind of mystery thriller, a Godfatherish flavour to it at times or maybe more The Sopranos.


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After watching it I wanted to find out what the critics and public had thought of the film. The first thing I noticed is that a sequel is already in the planning stages and I can see why this has the makings of the franchise.


This quote about it is worth sharing:


“Vince Mancini of Uproxx gave the film a positive review, writing, "It’s transparent in its attempt both to pimp a future franchise and give autistic kids their own superhero. There’s a genuine sweetness to the latter that converts me on the former. Headshots, math problems, and pained social interactions? Sign me up. ”

Yes, it’s violent, lots of killing, spadefuls of mystery, flashbacks and forensic accounting!

Ben Affleck was quite superb in this film and one of my favourite actors J.K. Simmons was a major character and I could watch him in anything.


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By the end it is all tied up neatly and rather unexpectedly, and did I mention the other star of the film? A fabulous Jackson Pollock painting!


I have deliberately avoided giving away any of the plot as I think it would be best approached as I did without any prior knowledge other than it’s a thriller about an autistic accountant.


It is still available on Sky Cinema - Don’t miss it!



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