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I had been attracted by the trailer on Netflix and settled down with low expectations as science fiction films tend to disappoint. However apart from the odd stray into silly horror type episodes with strange beasts this is a beautiful high concept film.


Something from beyond the earth 🌏 falls to earth and hits the ground near an automated lighthouse in an isolated area. Slowly a strange phenomenon begins to spread from the lighthouse. It is known as The Shimmer and its edge defies beauty, it is a fabulous moving display of iridescent colour. Obviously, this needs to be investigated. However, everyone who enters fails to reappear.


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With this all in place and told in flashback a group of female scientists enter The Shimmer and bizarrely and typical of American culture are all dressed in military-style clothes and carry machine guns. can they do nothing without guns?


Inside The Shimmer it is very beautiful and fabulous to consider the implications of what is happening. It is a visual delight and the reason for the strangeness is a fabulous and original idea that tickled my scientific mind and the ending scenes are some of the best I have seen in a long time. To say more would be to spoil the film so I can do no more than encourage you to watch it for yourself.




It stars Natalie Portman but the real stars are the creators of the visual spectacle. A very satisfying film which I would watch again for the beauty of scenery and concept, a five-star watch.


If you don’t already have Netflix you’ll soon be able to watch it when it arrives on Sky Q this year.


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Can't help but think about Ghostbusters (2016) Smiley Happy



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Thanks for the tip. Looks really interesting. 

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I watched the movie last night; nothing like Ghostbusters. I agree with you @SDR that given the power of the radiations, it's not credible that the team enters the Shimmer without any protections... 


Apart from that, I was fascinated by the world inside the Shimmer, its perpetual mutation... and the refraction that I'm not going to explain in details to avoid spoiling the whole film. I couldn't wait for the team to reach the lighthouse. 


The finale was a bit disappointing. The recurrent "I don't know" line results quite annoying as it leaves many questions unanswered. But, I was pleased enough with the unexpected twist involving Sergeant Kane at the end. 


I believe the movie meets all the requirements of sci-fi and horror genres. Needless to say that Natalie Portman's and Oscar Isaac's performance was impeccable, as well as other main characters'.  I give Annihilation 4 stars.


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